Campaigns, Promotions & Social Media

Promotion & Campaign

Email Blast notification & invitation, SMS promotion (masking & non masking), Whatsapp promotion.

Content & Social Media

Fully handling in maintaining your event social media channels , such as Instagram, Facebok , Twiter.

eVoucher & e-Invitation

Send paperless invitation to your special delegates / RSVP contains e-Voucher / Barcode / QRcode key pass.
Website & Mobile Application

Website & Microsite

Create a cool and interactive website / microsite to show your event profile inncformation , activities and galleries.

Mobile application

Let attendee to access your event information through mobile application, rather than website. Give another expierences to explore your event. Provided in both Android and Apple IOS mobile platform.
Online Registration, Surveys & Payment

Online registration

Attendee / visitor are able to do online registration to your event, make your process paperless , effective and eficient.

Online Payment

Combined with your online registration form to fulfill your event registration (conference) with payment process. Credit Card (Visa/ Mastercard) and Virtual account bank transfer are available.

Feedback , questioner & survey form

Questioner, surveys and feedback form are applicable to this system.
Onsite System & Gate Management

Onsite Registration

Grab your attendee through online registration on the spot at event venue. Linked to badges print and registration booth.

Self Registration & Self Badges Print

Apply self services fot attendee to get their badges. Reduce man power officer at registration booth.

Registration Booth

Registration booth system to serve and validate attendee, print badges and souvenir kits.

Gate Scan System & Display

Detect and validate your attendees badges at event hall / room entrance. Support to many various type of barcode , QRcode, NFC / RFID on badges , wristbands and cards.

Attendees Statistics

Dashboard to your event attendees statistics, complete with access statistics to specific rooms / halls, detects single visit and multiple visits to defined rooms / areas at venue.
Business Matching & Networking

Buyer / Delegates / Participant Registration

Collect your potential networking participant, by sending invitation or email blast. Complete with profile surveys & questioner to make you easier to manage your database and appointment status.

Online Appointment System

Give your networking delegates a new journey , to browse ,find profile and decide to make an appointment with other buyer / delegates. With mobile apps, all participant will get easier access to make appointments , reminders and notifications.

Onsite Networking Appointment Activites

We ready to assist you to maintain networking meeting activities at your event, providing manpower, timer, and appointment system to make your networking meeting goes smoothly.
Custom Products to tone your event up

Booth Map Directory

Suits to your exhibition events, with many exhibitor booth inside hall. Presented in LED Touchscreen for visitor / buyer to get access to browse all exhibitor profile, promos and booth location. Visualised in 3D layout view.

Drawing & Lucky Draw

You can give an extra rousing activity at your event, like giving gift / door prizes randomly to your attendee. Shown to LED big screen on stage will become more exciting experience to attendees.

Redeem Gift & Souvernir Kits

With this system, you are able to control redeem gift process by scan id badges, avoid doubled redeem process. Also check redeem validity and control queuing lines.

Seating Management

This system accommodate seat reservations at an event. Participant can choose their seat directly, and print tickets as their entrance pass to hall. We ready to adjust seating map based on your event seating layout.

Round Table Gala Meeting

This may suits to your luxury conferences and meeting events, a concept with a Gala / Round Table plan layout. Atendees are able to see illustrated tables, chairs and occupancies.

Special Games & Entertainment

Tone your event up with cute games for attendees. The game is a simple game, easily played by anyone, both adults and children. Variuous models are available such as ; Puzzle, Roulette Spin and Interactive games.
Hardware & Badges Production

Hardware & Peripherals

We provide hardware and peripherals for registration booth and gate check in areas, such as ; laptops , monitors, scan reader, printers and scanners.

Badges Design & Productions

We accept paper invitation and badges design & productions with various material ; paper, PVC / Datacard, wristband and NFC/RFID. Linked with our gate management system at event venue.

Clients & Partners

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